01 May, 2015

More Goodbyes

Our goodbye gift.
artwork by soph&son

Today Milo has to say goodbye to his teacher, Mrs Daly.

He is in Grade 3 almost half way through and he has made strides in the past four months under her tutelage that a person wouldn't have thought possible.

She is leaving to have a baby and is really, truly about to pop, so we wouldn't want her to hang around for even one more day ... so OF COURSE we're full of all the requisite joy and warm wishes that imminent babies naturally promote.

It's just Mrs Daly has been the perfect prescription for Milo after a couple of really, really challenging, confusing and demoralising years.

This is going to be a hard one for him and truth told, I'm making hard work of it myself.  He sat at the breakfast table this morning and made a sweet card.  He soldiered on despite the knot in his tummy and the feeling he might cry.

I think I'll go in early for pick up, just to stand outside in case there's tears.


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  1. Aww! It's wonderful that Mrs. Daly has had such a wonderful impact on Milo. Hopefully the sub will be just as wonderful! And maybe Mrs. D will come back to visit on the last day of school or field day … or any of the school events between now and when school lets out? Unfortunately, with our without the baby, kids have to move on to new teachers. You can only hope that they are as wonderful, if not better, than the last one.