03 October, 2014

There are Thieves at Riverside Avenue

So, I ordered some DVDs online and after they didn't arrive I chased up the company and discovered that I'd inadvertently had them sent to an old address. Sheeet!

As the parcel hasn't yet been returned "Not known at this address" to the despatch warehouse (and it has now been a couple of months) I can only assume that the tenants at our former residence have made the most of the Robin Williams themed boon that landed upon their doorstep. (Of course, the parcel could have been "lost in the post", but isn't that something that mostly happens in inverted commas, along with "The dog ate my homework." and "The cheque is in the mail."?  Please correct me if I'm being cynical and unjust.)

So today Milo and I went around to said residence – which, by the by is looking very forlorn and neglected – with a charming hand written note and the proof of purchase showing that the DVDs were indeed purchased and paid for by me, and that they were in fact sent to their address and not ours... 

And I did write that I perfectly understood that the residents wouldn't've known what to do with the DVDs [although I didn't say anything about why they would be opening a parcel NOT addressed to them]. 

And I hoped they would've enjoyed watching them. 

But now, since we have made contact and they now DO have my number, I invited them EVER SO SWEETLY to GIVE ME MY GOD DAMNED PROPERTY. Although yes, I said it much more nicer than that.

But the people weren't home, so I left the note under their door. Hmph!

So I wonder if the people will do the right thing. And does anyone know?  Did they break the law by opening a parcel not addressed to them? Can I rightfully label them bounders and thieves? I want to.  I think I will regardless.

Anyway.  Watch this space.  I'll let you know if I hear.

And mental note.  Update your Paypal account to delete old addresses so you don't fall into that trap. It's a bloody bitch.

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