19 September, 2014

It's been a while but the place hasn't changed a bit...

I'm reading Milo a marvellous book at the moment about Molly Moon who everyone knows has amazing hypnotic abilities.  BUT, in this instalment, she learns how to time travel.

The cover depicts Petula the Pug and Petula the Pug puppy from the past.
It's an inter-dimensional adventure and we like that sort of thing before we go to sleep.

And strangely, as I clicked on the little, much overlooked bookmark button marked PSH (Porter Street House) at the top of my screen I felt just like Molly clutching her red time travel crystal when I saw that my last entry was 12 September 2012!  WHAT THE FLIPPIN' HECK DO YOU MEAN 12 SEPTEMBER 2012?!?  How can that be?  What have I been doing?  Where has the time gone?  What's going on here? 2012? 2-0-1-2?

Once I smoothed my hair and reinstated my teeth, I realised it's been an oh my heavens non-stop, drama-filled 24 months between then and now.  And as I sit on the not-so-white-as-it-was-in-the-last-post-sofa, due to a whole raft of reasons, many of which are upheavals which aren't the most jolly (so one wouldn't really want to broadcast details right now without the risk of floods ensuing) there are a whole lot of exciting changes afoot.

So thanks to W, who herself has just begun to blog, and was the inspiration for my pressing of the PSH button, I am reminded I can come here and chat and tell.

So now the ice is broken, I promise to be back.  And maybe I'll actually say something next time.  Who knows.... Ooooo!


  1. But not yet prolifically blogging...baby steps

    1. I don't have anyone else to talk to, W. That's why I come here to chat...

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