27 September, 2014

The Night Sky.

27 September 2014
So I had to dash out and grab myself a laksa for dinner since I couldn't eat the meal I'd made for the family (it's a long story) and when I was backing out the driveway, I was confronted by the silver sliver of moon. 

The moon.  The sky.  My refuge.  

Since I was the smallest girl I always imagined our planet to be just an atom in a molecule in a button on the jacket of a giant...completely insignificant in the scheme of things.  And space, space was just the space in between.

After Hec died the space up there represented the place where the spirit in some form resided, but where it wasn't accessible (unless one was going to hit the ouija board or some such - which isn't my thing).  It seemed vast and empty, whilst populated with infinitesimal entities.  So confusing. I was all discombobulation.

Still I kept looking up. And at some stage something switched. I don't know when it happened.  

The sky began to represented all the wonders of the universe and then some.  I had a friend I would sms.  "Look up!" I'd write when the moon was full or the stars were out. Or "Sunset!" when the sky was awash with colours. Urgent with love and optimism, it was overwhelming to know the great infinite expanse above had no limits and that anything and everything everywhere was possible. 

I had to share. 

I have to share. The night sky remains our ever present reminder.

So on nights like this, when I have to dash out for a laksa and I trip over the glorious silver sliver... Aaaaah!