23 September, 2014

The wheel of fortune keeps on spinning...

I was thinking about when things come to an end. And no matter which way you turn the situation, or how nostalgic you might try to be about what has been, the thing that lies ahead is just not tenable.

I'd been trying for a while to bring something I've been working very hard on for a number of years to a close in a way that made me feel like I'd done the right thing for everyone. But the more I tried, the further I came from achieving my aim. Until in the end, the end came, but not how I intended. I suspect the end is peppered with ill-feeling, misunderstanding and exhaustion. And I hate that.

So I have mixed feelings on this day. I'm glad it's done. But sad how it's happened. The whole thing's sad really. I'm reminding myself too that someone incredibly wise remarked that everything happens for a reason...

So to change the subject completely, at least I'm overjoyed and distracted by the fact I finally got my printer working. And I have a new star to follow and a strategy to implement: the

relaunch marketing plan.  
Woo hoo!
And that should keep me busy.

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