28 April, 2015

X is for X (the Roman Numeral for ten)

Milo doesn't really like reading fiction.  He enjoys listening to ME read him fiction, particularly when I do all the voices, but if I ask him to choose a book to read to me, he'll always select something from the bottom shelf.  That is, non-fiction.  

Let's face it, the kid has a lot of books, a reflection of my inability to enter a book or second hand shop and leave empty-handed, from which he has been the happy beneficiary.  There's picture books, paperbacks, classics, novelty books, reference books, series...more books than there are shelves.  Precisely the way it should be.

Amongst his non-fiction collection is a series called "Horrible Histories" (Terry Deary), one of which he decided to begin to read to me last night:  "Terrifying Tudors".

Horrible Histories by Terry Deary

And amongst the talk of the Terrifying Tudors was Milo's first exposure to Roman numerals:  Henry VIII and X as ten.  

And then the inevitable why?

I didn't know why, so I dodged the question by whipping out a pencil and showed him how it worked.  He caught on mighty quickly and then drew a clock face.  All the numbers perfectly formed ... but all squished into the upper right quadrant of the circle.  

So near... but getting there!


  1. I've not seen this one. But box Sets are all the rage these days.

    Stephen Tremp
    A-Z Co-host
    W is for Window and White Noise

    1. Of course Scholastic is a licence to print money (wish I had shares) when they have their catalogues in all schools... but they DO have some bargains you can't go past. This was one. Milo loves a pun. This series is full of them.

  2. That really is a great series... lots of fun.
    And here's the how and why of Roman numerals... I had to look it up... damn those boys and their whys!

    1. Whaddya know? He came home from school full of excitement about Beast Quest. He told me all about it while we walked Pluto around the block, so I downloaded the first book for his Kindle as soon as we got home and he read me two chapters just like that! BAM!
      Continuing to knock me off kilter.
      Why isn't why spelled with a Y? Coz I'd know what today would be about... And I'll show Milo that link. Thanks for that! x