16 April, 2015

N is for Ninety-Nine [99]

Barbara Feldon as 99 from Get Smart

The funniest thing we ever watched on tv when we were kids was "Get Smart".  And the person I most aspired to be was 99: the quintessential sixties woman.  

99 was perfect.  99 was like animated Secret Agent Twiggy with humour, and I couldn't think of anything much better than that.  Truly I couldn't.

I longed to be of the '60s, although I was a child of the '70s and '80s, so I was hopelessly out of sync with my era.  

I was also dismally out of sync with my self as this short, ethnic, fluffy, butterball, awkward and most comfortable when invisible, dreamed of waking up with 99's boyish, flat-chested, sleek, lanky, stylish for eons ease.  How life would've been different if I could've been like her.

But that was never going to happen.  

I've come to terms with that now, but I don't love 99 any less.  She's the grooviest chick ever.  
The Sacred Cows - Kill Kill Kill


  1. Grooviest ever... Of course she is... the boots... the hair... the half smile...
    God knows why she married Max!

    1. Painters and Dockers used to play "Kill Kill Kill"... It always makes me think of university days...

    2. And the Groovy Guru was Corporal Agarn from F Troop. Yeah, baby!

    3. She might've married Max for his apartment which was extremely cool. But I don't think she was that kind of girl. I think she was a fool for love.