04 April, 2011

Another day in paradise.

Another day, another jaunt to Ikea.  This time the guise was to introduce my favourite lifestyle wonderland to my favourite NZ cousins.

It was a match made in heaven.

I though I was going to escape with the modest purchase of a 100 pack of paper napkins and a jolly romp.  Oh, the folly.

As we drove down the exit ramp the car was laden with the human cargo with which it arrived, the paper napkins (Fantastisk), and then in addition:

- the Fantastisk napkin holder

 - the NEW Obdy picture frame for Milo's Ostrich masterpiece
= sensational

- the Bygel rail for my workspace - still haven't worked out what to do with the Asker, but inside the cupboard under the stairs (which is part of my workspace is looking like the place, just now.

- Bygel hooks

Tomorrow morning, instead of having the long awaited full day at kinder for Milo (the last for the term) I am taking Milo with me to tour the school I hope to send him to next year.  This is very exciting and important.  So I'm not going to be allowed to even THINK of picking up my drill and beginning installation of rails and hooks and book holding spice racks until AFTER I've dropped Milo off in the middle of the day.

Tomorrow's mantra, therefore, is to BE IN THE MOMENT.

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