29 April, 2011

The Beige Cloud is dispersing. Part 1

**Warning: Reality TV Spoiler Alert

So you know that old chestnut "You don't know what you've got until it's gone"?  Well. Never a truer adage has been spoken, particularly regarding the original kitchen in the House at Porter Street.

Finally finally FINALLY the dirty, filthy, nasty mess has been stood down (mirroring the fate of Garry Busey on last night's Celebrity Apprentice) in favour of the glossy mountain of blue-protective-filmed whiteness which is currently occupying the adjoining family room.

And what we didn't know until it was gone was that the original kitchen was installed straight over the frame, with no plaster board behind.  Not a conventional construction practice, but then again the thinking behind the building of the House at Porter Street could never be considered for even a moment to be standard or even logical.

This wee oversight was uncovered yesterday, and thankfully as Peter Builder is due back today, he's able to bring and fit some sheets of plasterboard so the construction of the new kitchen can commence on schedule on Monday.

The main thing now will be to ensure there are plenty of offsite things to do this weekend because living with 4.5 year old Milo in this state of flux is not very restful.

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