08 April, 2011

Glad tidings.

Mum and I dropped Milo off at kinder this morning and decided to venture outside of our regularly and well trodden path to Bunnings and the eastern / south eastern suburbs and instead pointed our ample proboscises northwards. Our reward for so doing was to discover new shops.  And amongst these new shops we found our kitchen splashback solution.

It's not a sheet of glass - it was never going to be a sheet of glass.  

It's not shimmering glass tiles of any size or configuration.  Pursuing that option would be comparable, price-wise, with the big sheet of glass once you include installation.  

It's not even high gloss porcelain - which looked too matchy matchy with the glossy cupboards.  

Mum and I have warmly embraced the option of satin finished white tiles (with white grout).  10cm x 30cm in dimension.  They compliment the benchtops beautifully and are different enough in texture and finish to not complete with the cupboards.  They also present absolutely no competition with the floor tiles.  

And best of all, the tiles themselves cost $29.95 per square metre.  Bargain.  We'll be forking out less than $200 for materials, instead of $2000.  And you have to be happy with that.

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