03 April, 2011

Don't be startled, but I started unpacking.

Brass taper candle holder from Aunty Mad
Chinese guard statue, standing on a  piece
of marble I found by the roadside in East
St Kilda in 2004, brandishing silver treasures
sent by our dear Michele from Athens
and a brass elephant massager from Gg

The strategy was distract myself from cough and sore ear by tackling L2 (aka Box of Precious Things).  All the contents of L2 came from within my chinoiserie glass cabinet and were destined to be returned to its safe (for that read "locked") confines once the farnarkling (for that read "painting and sanding") in the region was signed off by Ma.  

I am left in her hands after my physical limitations were tested during the painting frenzy of recent times, and I have pretty much been barred from any of it.  So I was somewhat tentative when I posed the question this morning.  

Happy days, though.  Maria (our houseguest and cousin from Wellington, NZ) occupied Milo.  Mum phaphed about in the upper.  And I had enormous larks over crowding the cabinet with my many and varied collection of things.

Two of the three shelves

Pretty blue glass bottles
A porcelain  teddy from Ma
Spode coffee cup and saucer from Lainie
Enamel box
Wendy's Grandfather's tiny ashtray
Hand sewn bunny from Ma 

Photo of Mousie and her ashes in a cocktail shaker protected
by a tiny little fairy given to me by V after I was a bridesmaid
at her wedding about one hundred years ago
A statuette of Athena
Enamel brooch and a sweet little soldier pin from my granny
A teaspoon from Cairo
An ivory and mother-of -pearl inlaid box from Jorj, who could
bear to have it in her house
A tiny silver box containing extracted teeth (human)
A pewter hipflask and a silver bookmark from Milo's godparents
in the years prior to Milo's arrival in the cabbage patch
And so buoyed was I by the task, I also unpacked a few boxes of books and trinkets and put them on the newly painted lounge bookcase.  Behold...

The place is coming to life.  And this is good.

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