16 April, 2011

Hanging about. The Sequel

While I was tidying today, I unwrapped a significant artwork:  Milo's first painting.  

It needed to go up and the place for it was a no-brainer.  So I whipped out the hammer drill and behold...

The first picture is hung.



Milo's painting is on the left.  The painting to the right of
the clock is a watercolour study by Ma of which I am
particularly fond.

This probably isn't the final configuration, of course, but at least we're on our way.  And the hanging hoodoo is banished.

And for sake of demonstrating, this is where my workspace started, and where its going.



I've thrown a few things on the shelves without
a clue, a plan, or indeed, a roadmap. 

Stay tuned for the next evolutionary phase, Charles Darwin.

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