02 May, 2011

The Beige Cloud: A distant memory.

We're part-way through the installation.  And although a van-load of tan-tinted detritus still litters the driveway, the nightmare fades with each passing moment.

Ben, 23, tattoos, facial piercing, newly married, hard worker, single-handedly undertook today's transformation.The cabinets are all in.  

The blue is a protective film.  It's not staying.
Tomorrow it will be bulk heads, kickboards, drawers and the template for the benchtops.

And then, in the coming weeks, just so it isn't all over too quickly, there will be installation of the benchtops, final fit of appliances, cornices, painting, tiles and the floating floors where there aren't any tiles.

We also had Shane Lopper from the Grey Army come to assess the garden.  Like a dream he gave me a pricing for all the individual trees we want taken out so if we can't scrape together the full amount, we'll be able to pick and choose our priorities.

It's all good, today.  Good good good good good.

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