03 May, 2011

Looking good, Mortimer.

Look what Ben did today. 

Of course the blue film is still on, the bulkheads need painting, not to mention cornices and tiles, the benchtops are still 11 - 15 working days off and the plumbing and appliances aren't connected...oh, and the oven has a dent in it.  Pardon?  The oven has a dent in it?  Well actually, the oven has two dents.  Symmetrical.  Unmissable.  Look.

When I phoned Harvey Norman to advise them, I was told that we should've told them within 3 days of delivery...HA!  That's not working for me.  Anyway, they promised to ring me back with a solution by the end of the day.  Sadly they didn't.  So tomorrow I'll be following up.  

This will be fun.

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