08 May, 2011

If only I knew then what I know now...

Our plan for floating floor panels over the interruptions in the kitchen tiles were dashed completely on Friday at 10am when David Charming, the delightful morphing of Ang Christou and Anthony Koutoufides, came to measure.

Where the fridge goes.
Please note that the blue is the protective film

Where the long counter was made into an island.
I told him of our cunning scheme to fill these chasms with an element already existing in the kitchen environ:  brushbox timber.

Handsome did everything he could to talk us out of it eventually hitting on the thing which cut through our resistance.  

If the timber panels get soaked, if there's a leak, they will be ruined, bubbly, straight away.  And where are the areas for which these panels are proposed?  Under the dishwasher and under the fridge.

Cue the loser sound from "Family Feud".

He then went on to point out that the floor underneath the tiles is HARDWOOD.  Blackbutt.  AND what's more, the whole business to rip up the tiles, remove adhesive and sand and seal the floors would cost under $3K.

Can you hear my heart breaking?

Now the cabinetry is in, it's too late to rip up the tiles and polish the boards, isn't it?  If it was just me, I'd bite the bullet and get on with it.  But Mum's already a nervous wreck and I don't think she could go to that place and retain the semblance of sanity to which she is currently clinging.

The price will be living with the tiles  and patch job knowing that underneath there is gold Gold GOLD.

And if in the future, I do decide to lose the tiles, I'll have to factor into the costing a long, relaxing trip to Greece for Mama, so she's no where near the mayhem.

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