18 May, 2011

Listing stuff on eBay

Spent the last hour making steps to rid ourselves of:

No room for this piece of imitation Chinoiserie, I'm afraid.

I do like this clock, but it doesn't go in the new kitchen
and i really don't see why we should keep any more remnants
from the previous owners than is absolutely necessary.

This hook arrangement is stupid, unwieldy and horrible and 
terribly reminiscent of the previous owners' aesthetic.

Glass doors from the dining room built it.
I wish I had a use for the glass...

No further words for this.

Can't get enough of this gilt edged goodness.  
Oh, wrong.  Apparently I can.

I don't even want to open the box to measure
the dimensions of this for the eBay description...

Watch this space in seven days...

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