16 May, 2011

Small victories.

Yesterday we picked up the set of fireplace accessories I bought on eBay on Friday.

Firewood bucket, screen and four piece tool set (alas no tongs) for $56.00.

I was a little disheartened to discover the lounge's fireplace flue to be stuffed with insulation and envisaged masses of wadding and filth coming down on a person as we tried to clear it, but bless Dad for not being dissuaded.  In the end we extracted just half a small wheelie bin's worth shoved up there to stop the draft.

After that I couldn't get under the house fast enough (a first) to retrieve logs and kindling.  It's the first time I've thought of the hoarding and haven't cursed everyone involved.  Carting wood is not my favourite thing, and I must confess, I did spend a moment conceiving of some type of automated transport option, or maybe just hitching Milo to a cart - but with visions of coal mining children emerging from the blackened pits and all that dirty clothing needing to be washed, I banished the thought...

A brief life as a girl guide in my early teens equipped me with some knowledge around open fire preparation and lighting - it's all in the prep.  And within twenty minutes we had a significant blaze with warm and toasty ambience in the formerly somewhat chilly cathedral ceiling-ed lounge.

And then, when night had fallen and Masterchef was about to start...

Possibly my most pleasing and satisfying eBay acquisition.  O happy day.

PS  Who knew?  Proper Ash Removal.

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