18 May, 2011

Standing up kinder

Yesterday while I was assembling the third Billy bookcase of the four acquired at Ikea for my bedroom, Milo informed me that I'd blown out kinder.  If I was a user of the emoticon, I'd be inserting at this juncture an unsmiley face.

I'd been rostered on for two sessions at kinder this term, and it seems that yesterday was one of them.  Oops.

So, instead of staying at drop off and playing with the mini-people for a couple of hours, I shuffled off, with furrowed brow, head full of traffic jams, paediatricians, the kitchen table, eBay, cooking without kitchen and trying to decide whether to stop for coffee or go straight home and save the shekels. 

And now I think more about it, I was never going to keep that date, because if it hadn't been for my head full of crap, I'd've been rushing back home for the tree people...

I've got some explaining to do at Friday's drop off. 

Anyway, yesterday we managed to cram four Billys into my VW Polo, which in anyone's language is quite the achievement.  Also noteworthy is that I snapped the handle off my screwdriver, so vigorous was I in the assembly as I put together four Billys, and build a fire in five hours.  This also included pondering and reflecting time, watching "The Bold", having a big chat with Milo about what he did at kinder (see above) and feeding the cats.

Any day now I'll post photos of my wall of books, which even before it is dressed has had an incredibly transformative effect.

Also, please note when lighting a fire, do not use Ikea instructions as newspaper, they smoulder and smoke rather than lights properly.  Who knew?

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