07 February, 2011

About Space...

After numerous fruitless outings dragging my mother and my child around, I finally took off for half an hour on my own and managed to achieve an end:  the purchase of a pendant light for the dining room, and two for the kitchen - all from aboutspace.net.au.

The replacement for these, my second favourite brass carriage lights

Are two of these, which kind of look like an inverted salad bowl and are therefore ideal for the kitchen.

And it with great sadness (!) that we say farewell to this precious twinkling ornament (which is destined for glory in the heavens above our favourite stationery shop in the universe, therightinvite.com.au.)

And we say hello to this illuminated glass doughnut.

The painters started today, on time and on schedule.  Uneasy about being covered by drop-sheets, we left them to it, returning at 4pm to find things started and somewhat frightening.  You know how it is when you see timber with only one coat of paint.  Or a brick wall rolled without the grout brushed.  It's a little unsettling.  

But I have reminded myself to have faith in the vision...it's going to be great.

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  1. HEY! www.therightinvite.com.au is MY favourite stationery shop TOO! he he