15 February, 2011

Mummy, how do you build a wishing well?

Mid century favourite.  Ikea.  White brick and
the kitchen / family room floor.

This chair, a recliner, belonged to my grandparents.  It's part of a set.  There's another just like it, and a matching two seater.  The ensemble is part of a greater acquisition, made possible when my grandparents (in their early 90s) entered a nursing home together last year.

Eleni and Taki in the early '50s

Eleni and Taki, started their life together in Benghazi, Libya in the early 1950s after they left Egypt during the period of social reform under Nasser.  They eventually came to Australia and settled in North Balwyn, just two streets away from where I now reside in Riverside (the house with no drawers).

Eleni and Taki at Aquila Street, North Balwyn in the late 1960s

After 30 years in North Balwyn, Eleni and Taki relocated to the Gold Coast where they stayed for another 30 years, until they both passed away last year, within just 11 days of one another.

Much of the furniture we acquired comes from the '50s and their first and last homes together.  So you can understand that we are heavily invested in making it fabulous for its next life in the House at Porter Street, and remembering Eleni and Taki whenever bottom hits cushion.

Eleni and Taki circa 2006

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