15 February, 2011

I'm dreaming of a white kitchen...

White - Blue
White - Blue - Dark Grey
White - Blue - Black
White - Blue

We've now leaning towards the all white kitchen.  We're imbuing the house with all different textures of white, to complement the existing timber, and glossy white cupboards, white benches and white glass tiles for the splashback now seem to make more sense than anything.  (Please universe, don't talk me out of the glass tiles.)

The main reason for ditching the blue, and the dark benchtops is the kitchen floor.  The immovable kitchen floor.  We've considered removing and replacing it (too costly) and ignoring it (too mustard) but really, the only way to go is incorporating and embracing it.  Visitors keep saying its neutral, not mustard, so maybe if I called it "sandy", it'd help.

Anyway, the all white kitchen is our way of working WITH the floor rather than against it.  After all, the main issue with the space isn't with the floor.  It's the symphony of brown and beige that the existing structure embodies.  

And it'll be ok because we LOVE the white. 

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