09 February, 2011

Big things cost more than little things

What was I saying yesterday about getting Mum to agree to a painted tile floor?  Was I in-SANE?

The idea is now off the cards completely.  Suddenly.  Wholely.  Unequivocally.
Ator, the painter, had a quiet word in Mum's ear this morning, and that, as they say in the classics, is that. 

He did suggest, however, that polished floorboards would be a great look.  And now Mum is pushing that barrow. 

Funny how yesterday when I said "There's timber flooring under these tiles.  I'd polish those back if we can.  It's a no brainer."  Funny how then the idea was rubbish.  

So very very glad Ator isn't a fan of more vinyl parquetry...

Anyway, the main discovery of today - a truly exhausting day, by the way - is that since the kitchen is big, it's going to cost a lot to replace.

The actual cooking area is in the vicinity of 26.325 metres squared.  And the costing we have is for over $1000 a square metre.  How can that be value?

I mean I know you want a kitchen to last.  And I know you get what you pay for, but this seems a little silly.

This photo is from the sales brochure and obviously pre-painting...
We also do not have those stools.

My painted doors, however, look SENSATIONAL.  Will photograph tomorrow when they're finished.

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