25 February, 2011

Day 2.

Tomorrow we hand back the keys for Riverside and that chapter will finally be closed, wholly and completely without an ounce of sadness, sentimentality or regret.  

Apart for the inherent issues borne from a house with no drawers, I have developed a violent and increasing antipathy for the agent:  Uriah Heap.  His voice, presence and vibrations invoke intense negativity and scorn.  Such an unadulterated pleasure to never deal with him again.

Joy to the world.

***technical interruption due to exhaustion - resuming writing on Day 3***

What doesn't inspire quite the same level of joy is the pool which has suddenly and inexplicably turned:  from crystal blue to murky green.  Consequently the pool man is coming this morning to show us how to remedy.

Aside from lagoon, note absence of enormous cactus in the far corner
- it has been re-homed due to reluctance to encourage

near nude-bodies next to the extremely prickly foliage.

The new kitchen appliances are also being delivered, I have to go to the accountant, Milo has to go to kinder and Peter Smith, who's going to be doing our building works (except the kitchen) is due to phone with a start date.

A busy day.

The frenzy to unpack has stalled, but I'll tell you about that next time.


  1. Sophia, a decent pool shop should be able to help with that problem in the long term. I remember that my dad used to take a flask of pool water to the local pool place in Heathmont and they'd test it with some device it took a minute or so and then they simply say "OK, you need a kilo of this and then 12 hours after youve added it, chuck in three liters of this. That'll be $32 thanks". It certainly seemed to take a lot of the hard work out of pool maintenance. Al

  2. Apparently there's a once a year test that involves taking the pool water to the shop to test chemical hardness in the water (?!) The cow who used to own this house actually left us the special bottle (even though she took the tv aerial and all the keys).
    The system to clean the pool cleaning system is unbelievably complex.
    I feel slightly out of my depth.
    Although I am pretty impressed with my pun.)