26 February, 2011

Day 4: What did you do today?

While Poppy

and Bongo

and Bongo's tail

got acquainted with the garden, there was a bustle of activity in and around the House at Porter Street.

Before I took my first waking breath, I'd put together an enormous CD tower for Dad's study - which has now morphed into a music room.

Then after a cup of tea I spent a generous couple of hours on the phone with the internet people resolving email issues on the four computers that inhabit the house.

Communications restored, I did battle with the Tardis in the hallway outside the laundry, finding homes and making space for the various humdrum items contained therein.  VERY satisfying collapsing that box, I tell ya.

Famished by this stage and unfamiliar with the nuances of Mum's microwave, I inadvertently nuked the bejesus out of last night's leftovers, leaving myself with rubber and  mush for lunch.

And then, while Dad took Milo out to the shops, I maniacally began (and almost completed) the task of transferring a very patient four year old's life from cardboard box to laminated plywood Ikea shelf and also changed the water in the fish bowl - so much easier, I must say, with a big sink and bench to work at.

"Nice view out the front, but out the back, all you can see is a brick wall..."

I can guarantee the room will never be this tidy again, and must fess up to their being a pile more on the desk that I chose to crop out of the images.  But all in all, I'm happy with today.  It was good.  

Milo is happy too.

No, truly, he is.

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