23 February, 2011

Day 1.

Utter aching exhaustion best describes the current state of every person and beast in the House at Porter Street.  And it is impossible to believe that it was only yesterday at 0930 when a team of commando movers swept through Riverside, clearing each room with the precision of a formula one pit crew and filled the truck in 60 frenetic minutes.  Even the truck's maximum speed of 80kph down the eastern was light speed.

On arrival at the House the guys emptied the truck, transferred Mum's considerable life in boxes from the garage into the upper, returned to Riverside for a half-load, zipped back, offloaded, shared a joke, emptied my wallet and zoomed away to another job, all before 3pm.

It was an extraordinary performance.  Impressive.  Noteworthy. Reasonably priced and highly recommendable.  Do yourself a favour and write this down. 

STEVE'S FURNITURE REMOVALS:  0 4 1 9   8 9 7   5 5 9

It was inevitable that once the storm was over, we were going to be left with something resembling, well, this:

And it was then, while we were all still standing jelly legged in the aftermath, Bongo and Poppy were released from their laundry prison cell to explore.

And this brings me to the best part and the worst part of the day.  The best part of the day was when Milo came home from his first full day at kinder, picked up by Papou, and I could hear him at the front door just moments before they entered, Milo saying "We're HOME at our NEW HOUSE and we're staying for EVER."

The worst part was when Poppy, who is forbidden from entering both the upper zones, and Dad's rooms, became overwhelmed from all the stress and uncertainty up in Mum's bedroom (is the only way I can explain it) and laid a dozen or so egg sized poos all over the freshly made bed.


Mum went berserk but I was obviously thrilled to be handed the perfect opportunity to see if the washing machine was hooked up properly.  Milo cried from all the shouting and Dad retreated into his study to play music.

So within a couple of hours we were right there.  Right here.  

The best of times.  The worst of times.  

We have landed.

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