29 March, 2011

The blind man cometh...

While I sat on my bottom all day and designed my new business card, continuing to recover from the other day's painting frenzy, Mum put the first coat of semi-gloss on the shelves.

The vision is finally being realised.  I can't say how good it is to know we can start unpacking soon.  And how much I am looking forward to not having to shimmy around boxes any more.

The kitchen is being installed at the start of May, too.  My estimate of completion by 6 May was a little ambitious.  It will be all finished, done and dusted by end-May once the stone's installed, splash back chosen and installed and flooring issue resolved where the island bench is going in, and we don't have any spares of the existing tiles.  We've decided to fill the gap with a floating timber "bridge" to match the other timber in the room.  It's going to look just fine, and not be too costly.  Win.  Win.

Also, Brad Blinds came today and installed the replacement for our verticals.  They look perfect.  Exactly as I hoped.  And completely right.

Our double blinds.
The inner provide daytime privacy.
The outer are for nighttime.
We've now got them in the lounge (depicted), dining room, kitchen, family room, laundry, Dad's study and Mum got one upstairs too.

(Shutters for Mum's pine box are now coming at the end of May.)

The one thing I'm left pondering is why Mum didn't let Brad remove all the verticals.  For some reason she wants to keep them up for a while. (Huh??!!) Obviously, if it were me, if I had the say, those suckers would be off the windows and into the skip (the one which was meant to be collected on Saturday but remains in the driveway) quicker than, gosh, quicker than a quick thing on a speedy day.

I've chosen not to fight that battle, though.  I said my piece once and then for all intents and purposes I let it go. 

Even though I think my mother is certifiably INSANE.

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