04 March, 2011

Hip hop fails the bum test

Our new white kitchen will have an island.

Schwartz's Island ]

And no [kitchen] island is complete without stools.

For the longest time we've been considering the Sebastian - an Ikea stalwart.  Simple, surprisingly sturdy, understated.  Did you say affordable?  Only $59.  But I just wasn't sold on them.

Sebastian - Ikea
And then I fell in love with Matt Blatt's replica Hip Hop (shown here in silver). So cool.  And also a budget option at $89.
Hip Hop @ Matt Blatt

So Mum and I took advantage of a Milo free afternoon and trotted down to Matt Blatt's Richmond showroom to subject la Hip Hop to the bum test.  Alas. It failed. If my (admittedly) ample posterior was a snug fit (which it was) there was no way Papou could squeeze himself into that deceptively small moulded bucket.  (A pox on the designer, whoever "Unknown" is.)  

Gladly there were plenty of other replicants to distract a new homeowner from their cruel disappointment.

The replica Harry Bertoia.

Replica Bertoia @ Matt Blatt
Very comfy to sit and relax in, but it pinched the back of one's leg on the dismount, not such a welcome parting gesture.

The replica Johannes Anderson Allegra

Replica Allegra @ Matt Blatt

Also very comfortable, and wonderful AND classic.  But not the look we're after.

The replica Xavier Pauchard Tolix Stool

Replica Tolix @ Matt Blatt
Which Mum said was "too industrial for Papou", which I'm pretty sure means it was too industrial for her.

I like THIS one, I said to Mum, of the Venus Stool

Venus @ Matt Blatt

"I don't" said Mum.

And I was about to throw in the towel.  But then, there was this, the Maple stool.

Maple @ Matt Blatt

I don't know whose design its replicating or where it comes from, but I like it.  It has hydraulic lift and drop (handy for small people), is comfortable and supportive (important in a friend, and vital in a seat), wipe cleanable, shiny, and comes at the bargain price of $89.

We'll take four, and once they're delivered the cost will come in at $108 each.  Which is still considerably less than the most luxurious stool in the world.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you (drumroll)

Le Spighe by Claudio Silvestrin for Poltrona Frau @ Space

Le Spighe by Claudio Silvestrin.  A triumph in engineering, construction and sit-ability and all for the price of a small Korean four cylinder hatchback.  Nice.

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