08 March, 2011

Cooking with gas

Freedom Kitchens are coming tomorrow morning to quote, so once the gastroenterotic disturbances plaguing Milo's belly today were quelled, I turned my thoughts to refining the ideas page.

Ms Freedom, our 6th kitchen designer, will be greeted with a reasonably well developed idea of what we're wanting the kitchen to be.  Our only quandary, as far as I know, lies with what sort of glossy cupboards to go for:  2 pack or vinyl wrap.

I know what Caesarstone colour we're after.  We now have the tap.  I just need to earn enough to buy the kitchen sink.

Oliveri Nu-Petit @ a quarter the cost
of the big white Belfast sink
I've now stopped obsessing about.

I guess, if this chick's worth her salt, she'll be able to identify a few more dilemmas.  (Not including the issue with the floor where the island bench is created, because I've already thought of that one, and am just ignoring it at this point.)

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