18 March, 2011

Five down. Three to go.

The three shelves in my workspace are done - barring cosmetics - and two of the five in my room are now in place.

The results at this stage are Frankenstein-like with screws and scarring abounding - because there weren't any vertical supports for the shelves to attach to - but after another visit from Not Peter the Plasterer, the blemishes will be distant memories, and the walls will be ready for painting.

The only unresolved element is the floor.

There are cutaways in my divine vinyl parquetry where the old desk used to sit.  I'm obviously going to have to remove that whole section of flooring and replace it with...  with...  um...  Well, that IS the question really isn't it?  It extends about 10cm beyond the shelves so there's another thing to consider if you're going to be putting your braincells to the task of finding me a creative solution.

As far as other things went today, Lee/Leigh Kitchen came to do the technical measure up.  Only a few things needed to be tweaked from Beata's master plan, involving cupboard doors and shuffling of appliances, but Mum and I nearly came to blows over the length of the island bench which was somewhat surprising.  I suppose there had to be something.

The other hiccup was bulkheads.  The price of materials and labour for the construction of the new ones wasn't included in the contract.  I think this is an oversight, although Freedom have come back to me subsequently with the attitude "Oh, if you wanted that included, then you'll have to pay extra".  Bloody ridiculous.  Watch this space for the outcome of that one.

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