30 March, 2011

My Ikea home. Part V

An unscheduled visit to FlatPack City has resulted in some impulse purchases I'm now having second thoughts about.  I don't think that's why I've got a sore throat and headache though.

I went down the path of the Asker kitchen rail and accessories, (why oh why didn't I go for the more economical Bygel?)  with a view to fixing them to the underside of the bottom shelf in my workspace so I can dangle stuff, and not have clutter on the actual benchtop.

Asker accessories with Bygel rail.

Asker rail
Asker hooks

Asker pod

And so has arisen the main grumble I have when it comes to Ikea.  There is no way to view the instructions and logistical information until you've actually opened the packaging. And I'm assuming you can't return product (unless its faulty) if the packaging isn't in tact.

Anyway, the Asker rail has to be attached to the wall, not to the underside of the shelf.  So unless I rethink my configuration, I'm going to have to return to the fork in the road and travel down to Bygel, and find somewhere else for these.  Maybe Milo's room, maybe inside my wardrobe.  Maybe even on the wall under the shelves if it's not too deep and cavernous (which I think it will be).  

Anyway, I'll work it out.

I also bought MIlo a "popping basket".

Kusiner - mesh basket with lid

And four of these spice racks for $2.49 each

as I jump with vigour on the Bekvam band wagon (as seen in many cool design / decorator websites).


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