27 March, 2011

Heartwarming comparison

Haven't had a peek at realestate.com.au for a while, so was delighted to see a house for sale, in our suburb, with very similar specs to the House at Porter Street:  four plus bedrooms, three living spaces, pool, garden, etc etc. 

Let's call it Tap House.

The difference between the two is Tap House has been stripped of its datedness while retaining its character.  Just exactly what we're trying to achieve here.  
  • New kitchen and bathrooms (we're not doing our bathrooms yet, though).
  • Landscaped gardens.
  • Beautiful pool surrounds.
  • The whole shebang.
The compelling thing is that the asking price for Tap House is nearly double what we paid for the House at Porter Street.

Will be watching with interest to see what price it achieves as an endorsement of our continuing investment of effort and money.

Not that we didn't know it was worth it, anyway.  Also, our house will have more character.  Tap House's interior decoration is very "styled for selling" if you know what I mean.

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