03 March, 2011

A hatful of Peters

Day 8 encompassed a colourful cabaret of tradesfolk.  A generous smattering of Peters comprising their number.  

  • Peter Builder
  • David Pool
  • Peter Doors and Windows
  • Ron and Goran Kitchen
  • Peter Plumber*

(Due to unforseen circumstances, the role of Peter Plumber was performed ably by understudy Dennis Plumber.)

The first Peter arrived before 0800, and the curtain closed on the finale just after 1600.  There was vigorous applause but no encore, even though we were terribly pleased with the show.

Peter builder began the upgrade of Mum's upper by pulling out the dirty, filthy, nasty wall heater and vanity and making a doorway from Mum's Pine Box to the Study Nook - the most sensible and best idea I've ever had.

Headline:  Vanity Banished - now only 6 deadly sins

New doorway. Letting bright light into dark corridors

Gas heater be gone.

David Pool installed a new salt chlorinator and automatic cleaner, taught me what to do and then dumped eight sacks of salt into the water, leaving me to mix it in to dissolve.  

Peter Doors and Windows turned a flimsy aluminium door into an impenetrable steel mesh security door - with a new lock - for a quarter the price of a new security door, he fixed a dicky fly screen in Dad's room and remeshed and rejuvenated the sliding door from family room to balcony.

Ron and Goran consulted on a new kitchen (which took bloody HOURS).  Using my sketch they measured and questioned and probed and problem solved and finally, FINALLY went away with notes enough to draw up a computer plan to send back to me next week (bit excited to see that, actually).

Peter Dennis Plumber did the final uninstall of the gas heater (in concert with Peter Builder), and investigated the source of dampness under the house, pong in Dad's bedroom and source of garage flood.  The latter was discovered first when he lifted the grill on the drain at the back of the garage and discovered it was packed like a sausage with silt, in volumes I hazard to estimate rivalling the Nile Delta.  In clearing this we found a shiny little black frog (delightful!) who was promptly repatriated under a bush (not quite the wetlands he was used to, I'm sure).  

Dennis then undertook a reconnaissance mission to the wooded lands beneath and found no great lakes or underhouse oceans, but DID find a damp patch lining up with Dad's floor.  Because of the slope, a brick-sized hole and some paving that's not properly finished, there's water getting in and stinking up the joint.  So we need a paver to fix it. (I think I have one.)

In the meantime I discovered a dead marsupial mouse in the garden, seething with maggots.  Mum did the actual pick up and disposal because I didn't have time for the sobbing that always accompanies my having to deal with corpses. (Thanks, Ma.)

A big day, needless to say.  

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