09 March, 2011

Set in stone. Caesarstone.

The kitchen designer from Freedom kitchens, Beata, just left, and the ink on the contract is drying.  In six to eight weeks I should be able to post pictures of a spanking gastronomic heart: white, glossy, functional, fabulous.

And all for marginally less than the cost of a 2010 Fiat 500 Lounge.

...but you can make toast in our kitchen.

You've got to wonder when you sign up for these things how much you've been played.  And I'm cynically playing aspects of the process back in my head wondering how much of it was designed to seal the deal.

Our kitchen will be constructed of 
- seven linear metres of Organic White Caesarstone 

Looks white en masse,
but also a bit marbly for some interest,
movement and warmth.

- 17 cabinets of white Alaskan Gloss Cabinets:  manufactured and produced in Europe, 19mm moisture resistant, cold pressed MDF board with a deep gloss finish and mirror reflection. It doesn't scratch and won’t chip, peel or fade in natural light and is easy to clean.

From the Freedom Kitchen catalogue,
this is the Alaskan Gloss finish.
Shiny and nice.
The price of the cabinetry is discounted by 40% (apparently).

- Freedom are also providing a double undermounted Oliveri sink and we've already got the tap from the online auction and the other appliances we bought weeks ago waiting in the garage.

Ultimately, the proof of the pudding will be in the cooking, eating and cleaning up; how the kitchen works and how it wears.  And all that can only be known down the track.

In the meantime, I can cross kitchen off my list of things to think about, at least until the technical plans and elevations arrive next week.  And after the whole lot's in, I'll let myself begin again to ponder glass tiles.

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