05 March, 2011

Day 11: Still culling.

Amongst the enormous quantity of garbage left behind by the previous owners, is a particularly ugly spray-painted-silver, wrought iron garden table and chairs set 

and a horrible, grotty, rusty Weber BBQ.

I was tempted this morning to haul them out to the monumental pile of refuse growing behind the greenery in our front garden, waiting for next week when Peter Builder organises a skip in which it will all be dumped and removed.

But then I remembered eBay.

I am eager not to be deceptive and lure any potential buyers with falsehoods, so I've taken photos, written some very down-vibe copy, and left these items in the hands of the gods.

Maybe we'll be able to recoup the price of the post on eBay, and buy Milo a plain inari with the proceeds.

I'll let you know.

Oh, and we'd been told there's a cherry tree in the back yard, "which may or may not fruit".  Given the number of cherry pips littering the table and chairs, I'd say we're in for cherries next summer.

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