10 March, 2011

Day 16: Still culling: The Sequel

It's day 5 of the 5 day eBay listing of the garden furniture set and the Weber BBQ left behind by the previous owners.  The auctions are due to end shortly and both items will sell.

However, my cavalier listing (of the table and chairs particularly) has presented quite the unexpected learning curve, and I am now tinged with the merest hint of discomfort as I fear I may have inadvertently misled the prospective purchaser.

From the first day, questions have been pouring in about whether the furniture is really wrought iron as I've stated.  Or is it aluminium?  Once the question was posed, I immediately suspected I'd falsely listed because the thing can't possibly be iron if it's not heavy.  And it's not heavy.  I mean, it doesn't blow about in the weather or anything, but it's in no way difficult to lift a chair and move it from one place to another - and surely it would be if it was iron (cast or wrought).  

Cripes, who knows?  I certainly don't.

I actually had someone contact me, even though my ponderings and doubts about the material were listed with the ad, to offer $1500.00.  I responded that they could not possibly be serious.  To which they replied that 19th century furniture of this type is very rare.  Naturally I quickly disabused them of their misconception, stating it couldn't possibly be anything other than reproduction, and to this point, that party, of the 41 watchers, has not placed a bid.  Phew.

The Weber has also inspired a little interest.  I felt sure no-one could possibly think that the lily has been gilded with regard to the description although with minutes to go and I look from the photo to the real life thing, it's clear that this Weber is very photogenic after being hosed down.  Not so much when its dry.  It'll sell for under $20, and there's no reason it doesn't still work, so I'm not fussed.  

The lesson in all this is, however, to stop the pricking conscience, is to pay a little more attention when listing.  Noted.

In the meantime, our own auction success arrived today.  Lo!

It summoned to mind a Grand Designs episode.  The one with the minimalist house with the one thousand pound stirling tap which arrived with its own pair of white cotton gloves for handling.  Ours is not quite so fancy, nor pricey.  But I'm happy with the purchase now I've seen it in person.  I'd had a little anxiety that it might look flimsy, but those concerns are now distant.  It really looks quite the thing.

Me:  happy.

Oh.  Email just came through.  The sale price of the table and chairs was...*S gasps*... $149.00.  Heavens!  And I was going to throw it on the rubbish pile for the tip.

And the Weber.  $49.00.  Well.  Well.  Well.

Me:  happy.

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