03 March, 2011

Going once. Going twice. SOLD!

...to the lady in the pink flowery flannie jammies.

I am now the somewhat stunned owner of a new kitchen tap, courtesy of auction website www.graysonline.com.

It has a pull out spout, and a two year warranty and is Australian Standards approved (whatever that means).

I'd spent a goodly amount of time looking at taps this morning and they are SO expensive. I could've spent upwards of $800.00 to get one I liked.  Instead I rolled the dice and spent $120.  

I'm fully aware It's not gorgeous and Franke like this:

but surely water will still come out of it...

And I guess if its crap and will look stupid I'll cut my losses, put it down to experience, and resell it on eBay.


  1. Can't live without my pull out spout! Al