21 March, 2011


Yesterday we found ourselves in Kensington, picking up two cast iron fire grates (very heavy) sought and bought on eBay.  The cost of both was about two thirds the price of a new one from Schots Emporium.  

It was my first strategic foray in the auction world.  Normally, overcome with enthusiasm and excitement, I leap in at the moment of sighting and inadvertently start a bidding war.

This time, I waited (I understand I need to be more patient) until 20 minutes before the close, felling all competitors with a knock out bid.  Glory be to me.

Except, in the eight days between sighting les objets desire and the drop of the hammer, did I think about dimensions?  Did I pick up any of the many tape measures lying about the place and contemplate the breadth of our orifices (orifii)?  Sadly, no.

So disappointingly, despite the latter being a fabulous fit in the lounge hearth, the former is too big for the family room's. Therefore I remain in the market for a smaller grate, not more than 50cm wide.

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