26 March, 2011

Painting 101.

Don't get me started on the mini roller.  What a useless piece of crap that is.  Big roller and decent brushes are the go.

Mum and I started the prep on the shelves.  

The "professionals" painted this first in low sheen, then again, in semi gloss.  They never felt the need to use a primer, even though we gave them a tin of it.  So the paint peeled off both times.  Also, the second time they painted they didn't think it was necessary to attend to the front of the shelves, which remained dark brown.  Such an original look.  Alas. not what we were after.

My workspace shelves are deceptively expansive.  50cm deep (top and bottom).  And high.

My arms are going to fall off, and this is just the undercoat.

AND I've got five more in my bedroom.

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