15 March, 2011

Everything. Including the kitchen sink.

Apparently exposed Caesarstone edges don't like being bashed with heavy pots and pans.  Apparently they also don't mend seamlessly.  And apparently its a risk we, the owners of the House at Porter Street are unwilling to take.  

So it's just as well I threw out the idea of the laboratory sink weeks and weeks ago or else today's visit to Architectural Stone in Johnson Street might've been too much for me.  Coz today we''re completely done with the undermount sink we'd ordered for our new kitchen and instead we'lre all over the inset variety.

The wash up from this is that we need to rethink before the man comes on Friday to do the technical measure for the new kitchen.  I need to be able to provide him with the exact dimensions of all appliances and inclusions.  Everything.  Including the kitchen sink.

Since Freedom Kitchens don't have any suitable sinks in their range (and that comes straight from our kitchen designer who works for them) tomorrow we start looking again.

Hi ho, hi ho.

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